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Inheriting A California Experience Modification

If Experience Modifications (Xmods) aren't difficult enough to understand, it is perhaps even more difficult to understand what happens when you buy

Posted on February 22, 2016 By Eli Gillespie

Common Majority Ownership – How It Can Affect Your Workers Comp

Sometimes a man owns more than one business.  If the business is a sole proprietorship, he is 100% owner of all of those businesses.  If the busine

Posted on February 15, 2016 By Eli Gillespie

Who Can Be Excluded From Workers Comp in California?

Rumors, myths and lies. That's what I often hear when I talk to business owners about their workers comp, and, specifically, who is eligible to be e

Posted on February 01, 2016 By Eli Gillespie

Employee or Independent Contractor – Who is Who in California? (Part 2)

In the last post (here) we talked about Steve.  Is he an independent contractor or an employee?  Some of you straight-to-the-bottom-line types may

Posted on January 19, 2016 By Eli Gillespie

Employee or Independent Contractor – Who is Who in California?

You're a small business owner, which means you might have some employees.  Fantastic.  But you also have Steve.  Who is Steve?  Steve is unique.

Posted on January 11, 2016 By Eli Gillespie

Operating In California Without Workers Comp

If you have any employees, even just one, and you operate your business in California, here's some advice worth listening to: make sure you have worke

Posted on January 04, 2016 By Eli Gillespie

What is Considered First Aid for Workers Compensation in California?

As an employer in California, you know that every one of your workers comp claims has an impact on your Experience Modification (Xmod).  Even the sma

Posted on December 28, 2015 By Eli Gillespie

How Does a California Workers Comp Deposit Work?

You're a business owner with employees, and you just got a new California workers comp policy.  Everything is good except for all the money that you

Posted on December 21, 2015 By Eli Gillespie

What Is Considered Payroll for Workers Compensation?

Payroll is payroll, right?  It should be simple enough, but when you - the employer - are faced with a final audit on your workers compensation polic

Posted on December 14, 2015 By Eli Gillespie

What is a Medical Provider Network for Workers Comp in California?

A medical provider network is a group of hospitals, medical facilities, and doctors that contract with workers comp insurers to treat injured workers.

Posted on December 08, 2015 By Eli Gillespie

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