About Gillespie

We got our start in 1986 by Mike Gillespie as a captive agency with a small regional insurance company. What is a captive agency? It means we were only allowed to work with one insurance company.

When that small regional insurance company was bought by another national insurance company, it gave us an opportunity to move out of captivity. So we became in independent agency a few years later. What is an independent agency? It means we work with multiple insurance companies as opposed to just one. We are not an employee of any insurance company. This gives us the ability to find the best the insurance market has to offer – for you. This is what we are today and what we will continue to be.

We’re located in Inland Southern California, in the city of Redlands, uniquely situated at the intersection of agriculture, where our roots lie, and suburban growth, which supports everything else we like to insure.

We are family owned and operated.

What makes us different than other insurance agencies?

  • We live by the promises we make to you.
  • We are continual learners and we update our insurance knowledge regularly.
  • We value communication, understanding, and setting expectations.
  • Our standards of service are based on putting ourselves in your shoes first.

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Gillespie Insurance Services helps people and businesses in California, Arizona and Nevada.