Our Service Standards

Our Commitment To Our Clients

Our commitment is to provide our clients with a clear understanding of our agency service standards. You have a right to expect a prompt response to your insurance protection needs and we commit to you the following service standards:

Policy Changes:

Policy change request will be processed within 2 working days.

Certificates of Insurance:

Certificates will be sent the same day requested and 30 days prior to renewal, as long as the request is received before 3pm.


Binders will be sent out the same day requested, as long as the request is received before 3pm.

Claims Processing:

All claims will be sent to your insurance company the same day they are received.

Claim Follow Up:

If we are working with you on a claim, we will follow up on all open claims on a weekly basis keeping you informed.

Renewal Review:

Your agent or account manager will meet with you and review your account 60-90 days prior to renewal. We will discuss any changes or updates that need to be made.


Phone calls, faxes, and emails: we will return all phone calls and emails the same day received, as long as the call is received before 4pm.

Based on the complexity of your insurance needs, our account manager will contract with you each year to determine the minimum number of visitations they will make to keep current on changes in your business and to keep you current on insurance industry changes.

Your account manager will also coordinate the (sometimes) vast services that your insurance carrier can provide you. These include: claim reviews, loss prevention surveys, inspections, dwelling reconstruction appraisals, and risk management.

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