Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance is a necessity.  Even if you have only one part time seasonal employee, you have to have this.  What does it cover?  Quite simply; employees’ injuries and illnesses sustained on the job.

There are at least a few reasons to place your Workers Comp with us:

  • We monitor your X-mod and can help reduce it.
  • We can set you up with Loss Control, and Safety & Compliance Services.
  • We offer different Payment Options:
    1. Monthly Self Reporting
    2. Integration with your Payroll Service.
    3. Fixed Billing

Workers comp begs more questions than any other policy out there.  Why?  It’s usually expensive and the details are confusing.  For that reason, we’ve got a blog section on our website that has dozens of articles related to workers comp and may be able to answer your specific question.  Check it out!

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