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Yes, Your Building Will Burn

“What, this building?  It’s made of (some material other than wood).  It’ll never burn!”

This is a statement I’ve heard more than a few times.  Let’s just say that if I had a nickel every time I heard this type of remark I’d have at least two dollars by now.

I’m here to tell you that your building – even though it’s not made of wood – will burn.

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What Is Non-Admitted Insurance?

If you’ve ever purchased a policy through a Non-Admitted insurance company, you might remember having to sign that two page form written in ALL CAPS.  Of all the insurance forms it’s easily the scariest. Why?  Because of the font, of course.

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What Is a Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement?

Waiver of Subrogation Endorsements are confusing.  According to the spell check application editing this content, the word “subrogation” doesn’t even exist.  If you have ever come across one when dealing with your commercial insurance, you know it most certainly does exist, although you may not know what it is.   Is it possible to unlock this mystery?

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Protect Your California Farm & Contractors Equipment with an Owner Applied Number

You’re a farmer and you store your stuff (tractors, machinery, equipment, supplies, etc.) in your barn.  Because your stuff is so vital to your operations, you’ve taken many steps to protect it.  You lock your barn every night.  You also have it alarmed.  And in case something does happen, you have it insured.  But one night at 3am….

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How To Insure A Winery – Part 3

Note: this is part 3 of a series.  Click here to go to Part 1.  Click here to go to Part 2.

We’ve now looked at the Liability and Property risks a winery faces and what the proper insurance for covering them looks like.  But there are a few more things to think about before calling it a day.

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