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The Nasty Contractors General Liability Endorsements

I’ve written about the Prior Works Exclusion and how it can be a black hole of non-coverage for a contractor. Yes, it’s pretty bad.  What I want to write about today is a few more of the nasty endorsements that can eliminate coverage from your Commercial General Liability policy.  These endorsements typically – if not exclusively – apply to contractors’ policies.

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Can Owners & Officers Be Excluded On Workers Comp In California?

Note: if you want to read the updated version for 2017, click here.

I frequently get asked the question about who can be excluded on a Workers Comp policy.  Once we get past the lies, myths, and rumors that are addressed in this post, we’re left with the owners and officers.  It’s assumed that they can always be excluded, but I’m here to tell you that sometimes they can’t.  Yes, it’s true.  I’ll explain….

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Do I Need A Primary & Non-Contributory Wording Endorsement?

Recently I wrote this blog about the Primary & Non-Contributory Wording Endorsement.  It was a nice article, and all true.  What I want to tell you today is that the Primary & Non-Contributory Wording endorsement is worthless.   It doesn’t mean you won’t  ever have to have one, but rest assured, it is worthless.

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What Is Non-Admitted Insurance?

If you’ve ever purchased a policy through a Non-Admitted insurance company, you might remember having to sign that two page form written in ALL CAPS.  Of all the insurance forms it’s easily the scariest. Why?  Because of the font, of course.

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