We’re happy you stopped by.  We’re a family-owned insurance agency and brokerage based in Redlands, CA that provides insurance services for people and businesses.

We can insure a lot of types of businesses, but here are the ones we’re really good at:

We’re also really good at health insurance.  We specialize in:

Another area we shine in is Personal Insurance.  What do we mean by that?

  • Homeowners – from mobile to mansion, Condo, Renters, and Rentals
  • Auto
  • Boat and Personal Watercraft
  • RV and Motorcycle
  • Umbrella

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 Gillespie Insurance Services helps people and businesses in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

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Our Specialties


The world’s first industry.   Just as risky and important as it ever was.

Tuscany Vineyard

Today’s wineries are an exciting blend of farming, fun, and style.


You build, remodel, repair, and service our buildings.  For that we thank you.


It is because of you we all have gym memberships (that we don’t use).

Chocolate Factory

Made in the USA.  Enough said.  Distributed and delivered in the USA too.

Workers Compensation

Even if you have only one part time seasonal employee, you have to have this.

EPL Cropped

One of the biggest risks you face as an employer… and growing.

Health Insurance

The most important insurance policy you’ll buy.

Ocean Cropped

Covering the water damage that’s not covered on your other policies.

EQ Crop 2 Colorful

The coverage almost no one has, but everyone should.


Houses, cars, and boats (and renters, condos… and umbrellas)


We have been using Gillespie Insurance for many years and have been extremely pleased with their services.  They are professional yet friendly, prompt yet thorough, informative without applying pressure, and very easy to work with. It is also very comforting that they are a family business with long-standing agents and employees.

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