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Welcome to Gillespie Insurance Services’ website. We’re happy you stopped by! In case you don’t know us, we’re a family-owned insurance agency and brokerage based in Redlands, CA that insures all types of main-street businesses, farms, focuses on a few niche industries, and offers a full array of personal insurance, including homeowners, from mobile home to mansion, auto, boat, personal watercraft, RV, motorcycle, and umbrella. We also take care of health insurance for a growing number of individuals and groups.

Our roots are in agriculture, but we’ve branched out to serve the needs of our clients. The areas of commercial insurance we specialize in are:

We are also deeply involved in personal insurance. If you have a home, condo, car, boat, motorcycle, or RV, you have also come to the right place. We serve over 500 personal insurance clients and growing. We are extremely proud of our Private Client programs for high valued homes and high net-worth individuals.

Our expertise is also expanded into health insurance. If you are an individual or a group looking for health insurance please call us. We can help you in these ever increasing turbulent times.

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 Gillespie Insurance Services provides our complete array of insurance services for customers throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.

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Types of Insurance We Offer


Farm Agriculture may be the world’s oldest industry. Despite its age, there are a lof of misconceptions about how to insure one.


We know how to insure your manufacturing or wholesaling business and hope to earn your trust…


The most challenging part of a contractor’s insurance package is the general liability.


When you walk into a mall or a shopping center, you become surrounded by what we call “Main Street…


Restaurants have unique exposures that require additional coverages.

Workers Compensation

In a nutshell, Workers Comp pays for your employees’ injuries. It also pays for lost wages and..


It takes specialty expertise to properly insure a garage or used auto dealer…


Our state’s laws dictate that if we drive a vehicle, we need to be “financially responsible.”

Health Insurance

Health insurance is currently the most widely discussed type of insurance. Why?


Simply put, it is insurance for everything that doesn’t have to do with a business.


My family has been with Gillespie Insurance Services for over ten years. We are continually amazed by their willingness to go above and beyond our expectations to provide excellent customer service


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